Our Schedule

Due to the Governor’s latest orders, our studio will be closed until at least December 9th.

We are offering Virtual Classes through ZOOM!

Wednesday ~ Nov 25 ~ 8:00 am Virtual Power Hour Vinyasa

Thursday ~ Nov 26 ~ No Class (Happy Thanksgiving)

Friday ~ Nov 27 ~ 12:00 pm Virtual Chair Yoga

Saturday ~ Nov 28 ~ 9:00 am Saturday Morning Slow Flow

Sunday ~ Nov 29 ~ 10:30 am Gentle Yoga

Monday ~ Nov 30 ~ 6:00 pm Gentle Yoga

Wednesday ~ Dec 2 ~ 3:30 pm After School Slow Flow & 6:00 pm Gentle Yoga

Friday ~ Dec 4 ~ 7:30 am Power Hour Vinyasa Flow

Saturday ~ Dec 5 ~ 9:00 am Slow Flow & 10:30 am Slow Flow

Sunday ~ Dec 6 ~ 10:30 am Yoga for Stress Relief & Anxiety

Coming in December ~

Quieting the Anxious Mind” ~ A Yoga-Infused Mental Health Virtual Workshop

Class Descriptions

Beginner Yoga:

Beginner Yoga is an interactive class designed for those who have little or no experience with yoga. Students will learn basic yoga poses so they feel comfortable trying other classes. All bodies are welcome. All age levels and all abilities.

Chair Yoga:

A nice, easy yoga class designed for those who want the healing benefits of yoga without sitting or lying on the ground. Perfect for those with mobility issues, those recovering from injury, or those with achy bones/joints. All you need is a chair. Hollie’s mom loves this class. 🙂

Energizing Flow:

This one hour energizing yoga class will get your heart pumping as you move through the most basic and intermediate yoga poses. Each class will begin nice and easy and then fire up the core while targeting some of those sticky spots that hold stress. This class will leave you feeling  invigorated and refreshed.

Gentle Yoga:

Gentle yoga is perfect for those who want a soft, slow-pace, nurturing and well supported class. The instructor will guide the student through breath-work, meditation, gentle stretching, and carefully orchestrated yoga poses. This is a wonderful class for beginners, seniors, those who have movement limitations/injuries, or anyone looking for a less-intense, non-strenuous yoga experience.

Slow Flow:

Slow Flow starts and ends with yin (longer holding) stretches. The middle portion of the class is a gentle and slow flow where the student is guided through standing and balancing asanas (poses). It’s great for all levels from beginners to advanced. Modifications are offered for those who want very low intensity, as well as those who want to take it up a notch. Breath and mindfulness are key components of Slow Flow.

Power Hour Vinyasa :

Vinyasa Yoga is a class full of Sun Salutations, strength-building asanas (poses), flowing transitions, and empowering music. It focuses on pairing breath with movement as the student builds up his/her “edge,” finding physical and emotional strength and release in the practice. Be prepared to sweat, but know that modifications are available.

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